Year 6 Share Chinese Research in School Assembly

Leanne’s Year 6 class recently staged an amazing assembly to showcase their learning on the topic of China. We have worked with Pat each week to look in detail about the history of the country.

Our assembly followed on from Zoe’s Year 3 class assembly looking at the origins of the Chinese New Year. The Year 6 pupils were able to add in plenty of detail covering the geography, language and history of China.

This was a very interactive assembly. All students looked splendid in their traditional Chinese costumes. Props were prepared such as some Chinese characters to display.

The key focus for the assembly was to look at four Chinese Buddhist lessons. Small groups of pupils acted these out. We asked our other friends in the assembly if they could explain what the message was behind each story.

The Year 6 assembly finished with two students reading out their own Chinese poetry. One of the class members is learning Mandarin. Her poem was written using this language.

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