Nursery Early Maths and Mayflower Project

The Nursery children are working on some creative maths activities. We are seeing how many different shapes we can make using the same number of lolly sticks.

Each time a new shape is made, the children then count the number of sticks before rearranging them to create a new shape. Teaching staff question children about the shapes they have made. They are asked to describe them and to explain what they might look like.

Elsewhere in the nursery and we are about to start a new project all about the Mayflower. This is part of the nursery topic recognising different forms of transport.

We are reading The Lost Book of Adventures to help with his learning. Our Mayflower project will involve some storytelling and plenty of drama. It will focus on the idea of children and travel.

Related to this work is our home learning activity on different countries. We received a fantastic response from parents for a recent piece of work.

It was great to see home countries being mapped. We had plenty of detail to share about the food, the weather and the culture of some home countries.

Finally the nursery children are looking forward to a trip to the Unicorn Theatre. They are very excited about seeing a performance of the play Wild.

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