Year 4 Geography Research on Different Countries

Year 4 are working on a cross curricular activity combining geography and computing skills. The aim is to trial a new piece of software that will help students to share their work with family at home.

The geography element of the learning involves some research about different countries. Pairs of pupils were given a free choice to decide which country they would like to find out more about.

Some great teamwork has been on show. The pupils were able to draw upon their knowledge of their home countries, and then share these with their friends.

Our online research looked at facts for each country, the vocabulary, landmarks, sport and famous people.

Shyla said:

“We chose China because of the great Wall of China. It is one of the most famous landmarks in the world.”

Jannah explained:

“We are researching Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful country. It is also the home country of my parents. I want to find out more about Sri Lanka.”

Christina added:

“I am researching Brazil. The rainforest is really interesting. I want to find out more about the animals, and then share this information with my Mum at home.”

Tacha said:

“We are looking at Turkey. I have visited the country with my parents. We are interested in the traditional Turkish stories.”

Nuoxi mentioned:

“We are finding out more about South Korea. We love K-pop!”

Elsewhere in Year 3 and the pupils have started their Anglo-Saxon topic. We have looked at the Jabberwocky poem.

We will soon visit the British Museum. The children will be able to see at first hand the Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon excavation exhibition.

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