Year 5 Class Discuss Pros and Cons of Water Dams

Science work in Year 5 has involved the pupils researching different themes about the use of water. We recently started to look at how dams can help us to store water.

This work was introduced by looking at how the idea for man made dams originally came from beavers. We have seen how beavers use dams to control the flow of water. This helps them with their hunting.

Pairs of pupils then researched some of the major dams in the world. We looked at the Hoover Dam in the United States, the Aswan Dam in Egypt and the Three Gorges Dam in China.

Each group produced a list of pros and cons about their chosen dam. This then led to a class debate.

We shared our findings amongst our friends. Some powerful arguments were put forward about the benefits and downsides of building major dam projects.

Our session came to a close with a class vote. Twenty three pupils in Sophie’s class thought that dams were a bad idea. Only five were in favour of dams.

You can listen to some of the arguments in the recording below.

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