Reception Golden Hinde Trip and Mayflower Learning

The Reception children are having great fun learning all about the Mayflower boat. We have linked this topic in with our maths work looking at distance and measurement.

The children found out that the Mayflower was 30 metres long. We measured how far this distance was in our playground. It reached all the way from the Reception play space to the Nursery area.

We have also looked at the conditions on the Mayflower. We found that it wasn’t a very comfortable place to sleep.

Class member Aishah said:

“The Mayflower looked really big on the outside. Inside it was very small. I wouldn’t like to sale on the boat.”

The Reception children were able to see a real life boat when we visited the Golden Hinde at Borough. We looked at the similarities with the Mayflower. We also heard some stories about what life was like at sea.

We recently welcomed local author Sue Rogers into our class. This Meet the Author session was a great chance to find out more about the Mayflower.

Sue has written a book that tells the story of two characters on the ship. We heard about the life of Mary and Bartholomew and how they felt sea sick.

The Reception children had plenty of questions to ask Sue about life on a boat. We have built our own large model of the Mayflower.

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