Year 5 English Letters and Recorder Learning

Yeah 5 are reading the book The Princesses’ Blankets. This is a magical story that is about a princess who is always cold.

Valuable resources such as earth, mountains and the forest are used to try and keep her warm. This upsets some of the villagers. Finally she manages to stay warm with the love from a musician.

Year 5 are writing some love letters from the musician to the Princess. Pupils are thinking about the type of language that we use in this style of writing. Our finished pieces of work have been typed up and published.

Elsewhere in Year 5 and our weekly recorder sessions are continuing with Danny. Each lesson starts with a warm up. The pupils are currently thinking about the use of syllables in music.

Each class member thought of a short singing routine. This had to contain the correct number of syllables. The action for the song was acted out. Our friends repeated our sequence.

The pupils are progressing well with the treble recorders. The current focus is on how to change notes smoothly.

Changes have included playing E toG, and then G to F. Danny has helped out each class number with the technique required to carry out a smooth change.

We have looked at the importance of using our tongues correctly. Some notes also need a softer blowing technique.

Year 5 are starting to learn to play the song Stay With Me. This uses some of the note changes that the pupils are working on.

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