Year 5 Home Learning Activities

Week Beginning 13th July

End of Term Transition Activities

In the welcome video from your new teacher, they have shared some of their favourite hobbies, books and food with you so you can get to know them.

We would now like you to complete the questionnaire over here so that your new teacher can find out all about you too!

Sophie's Class:

Elspeth's Class:

You will soon by entering your final year at Michael Faraday. Some things will be the same (the subjects you study, swimming lessons, break time and lunch time). Some things will be different (your classroom, your teacher, music lessons, where you sit in assembly).

You might be looking forward to some of these changes but some changes might make us worried or unsure. It is normal to feel like this when there are changes.

On this worksheet, we would like you to write down any things you are looking forward to in the stars (trips, workshops, topics you study, being the oldest children in school, handing out stickers in achievers assembly).

In the clouds, you should write down worries you have (any subjects that might be tricky, choosing secondary schools, homework).

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to hold our usual sports day this year so this afternoon we would like you to participate in the Michael Faraday Virtual Sports Day!

Follow the activities over here to take part.
Although we haven’t been at school as much as we expected, we still have had some wonderful experiences this year. We’ve been on trips to the Science Museum and the cinema.

We’ve dressed up as Ancient Greeks for our Ancient Greek Day and tasted some Greek food. We’ve had fun workshops about online safety, road safety and forensic science.

Everyone has worked hard in all subjects, whether it’s swimming in PE, playing the recorder in Music or completing material experiments in Science, you have all tried your best.

We are very proud of your hard work this year. ​To help us remember all the wonderful things about Year 5, we would like you to complete this worksheet.

Week Beginning 6th July

Week Beginning 29th June


We hope you are all safe and well at the moment. We’ve been in touch with lots of families and look forward to welcoming some of you back this week.

If you are returning to school on Monday 29th June, please read this book to see how school has changed.

We hope you enjoy the Faraday Fortnight of Fun challenges that teachers across the school have planned for you. There are many different subject challenges so choose two or three this week that sound interesting to you.

This a great opportunity to learn about something new and to show off your ideas in a project that you are truly proud of. We would love to see your artwork, writing, videos and photos so please keep emailing them to your teacher.

Our email addresses are:



Take care,

Elspeth and Sophie
You can find the new timetable for the week ahead over here.
Monday 29th June

Subtract decimals

In this lesson, there is one learning summary to read through, one worksheet and one game. The first activity is a game and you will need a dice and someone to play with. If you don’t have access to a printer, you could answer the questions from the board game on a piece of paper.

Tuesday 30th June

Subtract decimals with different decimal places

For this lesson, there is one video to watch, one worksheet and one interactive quiz to complete. Try your best and then check your answers once you’ve finished.

Wednesday 1st July

Multiply decimals by 10, 100, 1000

In this lesson there is a learning summary to read through and two worksheets to complete. Instead of printing out the worksheets, you can write your answers on a piece of paper. For the first worksheet question 4 is a challenge – complete this question if you feel confident.

On the second worksheet, page one is a bronze challenge, page two is a silver challenge and page three is a gold challenge. Choose the challenge you feel most comfortable with.

Thursday 2nd July

Divide by 10, 100, 1000

This lesson should be revision as we have learnt this in class. Remember to think about moving the numbers down the place value chart. The lesson includes a video, a worksheet and an interactive activity.

Friday 3rd July

Weekly Challenge

In this lesson there are six challenges for you to complete. There are number problems as well as shape, money and length. Try you best and then check your answers to see how many you got correct.
Monday 29th June

Writing a comic

This lesson includes two videos and three activities. The first activity is interactive. For the second activity, you do not need to print out a comic strip template. You could draw a template on a piece of plain paper or use purple mash

. Tuesday 30th June

Analysing play scripts

This lesson includes two videos and three activities. The first activity is interactive and the second is a worksheet. The third is a jigsaw matching activity. If you don’t have a printer, you could copy the complete sentence out.

Wednesday 1st July June

National writing day challenge

In this lesson there are four short videos, one interactive quiz and three activities. For the third activity you need to create a short story of only 24 words. As you don’t have a lot of room, you will need to make every word count!

Thursday 2nd July

Shakespeare and Twelfth Night

This lesson includes two videos and three activities to complete. The first activity is ordering events from Shakespeare’s life. The second video is writing a play script. The third activity is a worksheet (one star is simple, two stars is medium and three stars is tricky).

Friday 3rd July

Reading comprehension: Macbeth retold by Marcia Williams

This lesson includes videos of two extracts from the text. There are then three comprehension activities for you to complete.
This week we would like you to complete 2-3 of the Faraday Fortnight of Fun Challenges. You can complete it by yourself or work with your brothers and sisters.

You can choose which of the challenges you would like to complete. There will be a prize and certificate for each challenge so please email your teachers a picture of your completed work to enter the competition.

Competition entries must include your name and the subject of the challenge (e.g. Sophie’s History Challenge) so that your teacher knows which competition you are entering.

When you have sent a challenge to your teacher, you can colour in a star on your Faraday Fortnight of Fun Challenge Tracker. If you don’t have access to a printer, parents can collect a copy from the office for you.

All of the challenges can be found in the Faraday Fun Zone area of the website.
We have the latest edition of First News for you to read over here.

There are three activities below based on the news in the past week. Don't worry if you find them a little challenging!

Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

Fancy your chances with the First News quiz? Try your best below!

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Quiz 3

Finally there is the weekly First News challenge over here.

Week Beginning 21st June

Week Beginning 15th June

Week Beginning 8th June

Week Beginning 1st June

You can view the archived Year 5 home learning from the first half of the summer term over here.