Send an Audio Message to Your Friends!

It’s great to stay connected whilst we are away from Michael Faraday School. We would LOVE all pupils to share an audio message with their friends and teachers. We can publish these on the school website.

You might want to talk about:

– What you have been doing at home.

– The school work you have enjoyed doing.

– Leave a short review of any books that you have read.

Or maybe just leave a happy message for your friends and teachers ?

Everyone should know about internet safety following the sessions we have with Zoe. By using audio we are able to keep personal information about ourselves safe. It is fine to mention your first name and your class ?

Jason has left the first message to let you know how your recordings will look and sound like on the school website.

Please use this guide to record your message

1. Head over to the Michael Faraday website over here

2. Click on Message

3. Press Start recording now! You have 60 seconds to record your message.

4. You need to login to send your recording. Go to the bottom of the next box and click Already have an account? Login

5. Login using these details:


password: The password is the first name of our Head Teacher with se17 at the end

6. That’s it! Your message will be sent for Jason to listen to before it is shared on the school website.

Thank you! ??