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Half term week

Our School Counsellor Dom has put together a great wellbeing guide for all pupils. There are many different ideas that you could try each day during the half term break.

You can read Dom's ideas over here.
We are happy to share some learning ideas from our friends at the Blue Elephant Theatre. We look forward to working with the wonderful team once again in the future!


Louise has made a ‘make-your-own-playscript’ pack - it’s pretty detailed so takes a bit of time to complete and can be downloaded over here.

We're celebrating our 21st birthday soon and have launched a poster competition for young people to design a poster that will be used across our week of celebrations.

The winner and runners up will also receive theatre tickets to Blue Elephant - once shows are back up and running! The deadline is May 28th and photos of hand-drawn entries can be emailed to us or shared to our social media.

We've also released a short drama and storytelling workshop, in English and in Spanish. They're fun activities around the story of Cinderella and they also focus on being very positive and reinforcing what's inappropriate behaviour.

There's some sign-posting in them to support services, like Childline and Solace. The workshops are probably best suited to ages 3 - 7:

English Workshop:

Spanish Workshop:

Tangled Feet Theatre has put together some great learning resources for pupils of all ages. We have worked with the theatre in the past. We are hopeful of carrying on this relationship in the future!


Our show for 3-8 year olds ‘Butterflies’ is a story about three friends going on an adventure, which gently explores how we cope with cope with anxiety, It is a co-production with Half Moon theatre, is forty minutes long and is available free online below:

Here is our ten week Mindfulness At Home project, which brings together storytelling, mindfulness and yoga to help children develop emotional awareness and resilience, and which ties in to the show ‘Butterflies.'

The programme is designed and led by Emily, who is a qualified teacher and our Participation Director, and Rachel who is a qualified yoga teacher. Each session is 10-20 minutes long and encompasses a simple activity using things you’d find at home.

The show 'Need A Little Help', which came to Michael Faraday last year is available below.

The accompanying ‘young carers resource pack’, developed in collaboration with West Sussex Council, is available over here.

Week beginning 18th May

Dear Families

Wishing you all a calm and restful "Ramadan Mubarak" to all our families at Michael Faraday!

We hope Ramadan is going well. Let us know how you are going to celebrate Eid-send us your photos or Eid drawings.

Numicon Maths

We use Numicon to teach maths in school. You can find out more about it over here. There are Numicon Maths Packs for you to pick up from the school. Please let the school know if you will be collecting a pack.

Keeping Relaxed and Calm

There is a great video from Tangled Feet called Butterflies; it’s a show about being calm, you can watch it below.

Puppets make us happy! Of course they do! Have a look at the Little Angel theatre company – they have produced so many amazing puppet shows. The children would love I Want My Hat Back and you can watch it below.

Take care; we look forward to hearing from you.

Catherine and Deanna
You can find the timetable for this week over here.
Monday: Andy’s Exercises

Join in with Andy’s moves!

Tuesday: Yoga

Coco the Butterfly

Wednesday: Andy’s spider song!

Thursday: Yoga

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Friday: Number Songs - Count to 10 using your body

What number songs do you know? 2 Little Dickie Birds? 5 Currant Buns? 10 Green Bottles?

Choose 3 songs to sing. Make up some actions too!
Monday: Name the Bug

Tuesday: Looking at worms, watch the worm video on espresso

How does the wiggly worm move? Can you tell a grown up how the worm is moving? Draw it curled up in a circle, draw it in a straight line, draw it in these shapes; s, c, u, v...take a photo of your worm shapes.

Wednesday: Read Mr Tumble’s adventure with the Minibeasts

Thursday: Listen and join in with your favourite Nursery Rhymes

Friday: What is an insect? Look at the parts of a young stick insect-what can you see?

Choose a different insect to look at, can you find the words for; head, antennae, abdomen, thorax, legs...
Monday: Pea Snacks!

Try eating some peas or green beans. You don’t have to cook them. Look and say how many peas in a pea pod? How many green beans can you hold in one hand?

Tuesday: What is your favourite vegetable? Can you cut it up easily? Is it crunchy; is it soft, does it feel slippery? Does it have seeds?

Wednesday: Watch Supertato!

How many different veggies can you spot? What vegetables have you got in the fridge?

Thursday: Can you name all the vegetables in The Veggies Song?

Friday: Sing The Veggie Song to your family

Monday: Being Kind.

Catherine reads Kind.

How can you be kind to your family? Talk about your ideas with someone at home.

Tuesday: Looking after worms. Find the worms that you made yesterday. Where will you keep them? You could build them a house! Or a bed! How will you be kind and look after them?

Wednesday: Cook spaghetti with an adult. Explain that you will cook a small amount for your child to play with! What does it feel like before you cook it? How does it change after you have cooked it? Lots of wiggly worms! When it has cooled down... Play with it! Move your worms around. Make a worm pattern.

Thursday: Thank You! Say Thank You to the NHS.

Paint or draw a picture of the things we are thankful for-sunshine, rain, and rainbow. Sing the rainbow song.

Friday: Staying Safe - using the internet

Talking to young children about e safety. This link is for parents. Take a look and use some of the ideas - talk to your child about being safe online.
Monday: Number 1

Find some string, ribbon, strips of paper, cut up a plastic bag into strips.

Make ‘worms’ talk about the longest & shortest, put them in order of length. Take a photo!

Tuesday: Number 2

Collect two apples, two grapes, two cars...have a look and find two!

Wednesday: Number blocks Number 3

Find three things and draw around each of them, how many do you have?

Thursday: Number blocks Number 4

Counting with Numicon

Friday: Number blocks Number5

Numicon Game OR Toys – counting adding and taking away.
Monday: Superworm song

Can you draw the Wizard Lizard? What will he say? What voice does he have?

Tuesday: Sing Wiggly Woo Worm Song with Mr Tumble

Learn all the words! What other words can you think of that begin with the ‘W’ sound?

Wednesday: Use some recycled materials to make a minibeast!

Thursday: Listen to Catherine read a book about Ramadan

Friday: Favourite things...

Gather some of your favourite things. Talk about why you like them. Take a photo of them and think of a special place to keep them safe...
This week Nursery will warm up their bodies with the wiggle song! They are encouraged to listen to the music, move to the speed of the tune and move their arms to the high and low sounds.

They will also move to 'Hickory Dickory Dock' where they will meet some animals!

Week beginning 11th May

It has been great looking at your home photos. Please continue to send us photos of drawings, things he children have made, toys the children are playing with.

We will continue to stay in touch by email and by phone. Calls will show as PRIVATE NUMBER. Please phone our school office if you need help.

Numicon Activity Packs will be ready for you to collect from the school office from Wednesday 13th May. These packs are for children who did not receive numicon resources during the week before school closed. Please phone the school office before you arrive so you can pick up your pack in a safe way.

This week we will be reading Superworm, he is a kind, and fabulous Superhero!

We have given you suggestions for each day and some activities will have videos to help you!

Let us know how easy (or not) it has been trying the different things on Espresso.

Log in: student21455

Password: faraday

Some of our children are enjoying reading and there are lots of stories on Espresso.

Please continue to send us your photos and films so we can add them to your child’s ‘Learning Journal’.

We love seeing what activities the children are enjoying!

They could send us messages too!
You can find the timetable for this week over here.
Monday: Bug moves! Try ant marching, walk like a mantis with Andy on cbeebies. Follow the link over here.

Tuesday: Superbug Moves! Can you stretch out really tall, swing your arms and curl up into a ball? Can you crawl, can you slither, wriggle and lie very still?

Wednesday: Superhero exercises. Try fast Star Jumps, fast running on the spot, fast high kicks! Phew! Think of your own moves!

Thursday: Count to 10 using your body! Watch the film, then have ago at these:

Jump 10 times! Can you do 10 star jumps? 10 leg kicks? Think of some more.

Friday: Number Songs


Monday: Let’s read Superworm, can you join in with some of the chant?

Superworm is super-long.

Superworm is super-strong.

Watch him wriggle! See him squirm!

Hip, hip, hooray for SUPERWORM!

Tuesday: Listen to Superworm again. What things does he find buried in the mud? Can you find some things for Superworm? Draw around them. Show your drawings to someone - can they guess what the things are?

Wednesday: Draw Superworm pictures.

Thursday: Take a look at the Busy Things website. Find Phase 1 Phonic activities. Have a go!

Friday: Guess the Bug Game.
Monday: We love eating lots of different foods.

Say and sign with Mr Tumble

Tuesday: Can you copy Mr Tumble; use your hands to make signs for, Sandwich, Fruit, and scrambled egg!

Say and sign with Mr Tumble

Wednesday: Can you remember the signs you practised yesterday? Can you copy Mr Tumble make signs for Cheese, Raspberries and Potatoes!

Say and sign with Mr Tumble

Thursday: Make a sandwich for everyone you live with. They might want the same or different things in their sandwich!

Say and sign with Mr Tumble

Friday: What does Superworm eat? Make a Superworm snack. Ask someone to help you cut it up into very small pieces to make it easier for Superworm to eat!

Say and sign with Mr Tumble

Monday: Breathing exercises. Breathing Happy

Try breathing fast then slowly. Breathe like a butterfly, or a dragon! Try drawing around your fingers with you other hand - as you trace up the finger, breath in, down the finger, breath out. How do you feel now?

Tuesday: Statue Game

Can you jump then stay very still-like a statue? Try to stay still when counting to five. Try again and freeze in a different shape. Up high, down low, on the floor?

Wednesday: Make some more playdough

Make Superworm, can you stretch him out very long, curl him up very small? Make him into a skipping rope! What will you make Superworm into?

Thursday: Making Magic Potions

Ask someone to help you make a magic potion, what will you put in it? Maybe some washing up liquid, cooking oil or coloured water? Look at the bubbles when you shake it up.

Friday: Being Helpful

We love helping each other. What can you do to be helpful? Maybe read or sing to someone in your family?
Monday: Toy Count

How many toys do you have? Count all your bears, all your dinosaurs... what will you count next? Which is the biggest? Which is the smallest? Take a photo and send it to us.

Tuesday: So Many!

Find ten Lego bricks (or any other toy bricks you have). What can you build with ten bricks? After you have taken a photo, make something different with the ten bricks.

Wednesday: Rock and Roll shapes

Find a plastic cup, a tissue box, a ball. Can you make them move by rolling or flipping? Talk about what happens and why.

Thursday: Counting

Count all the holes in the Numicon tiles. Remember to touch and count slowly and say the number.

Friday: What’s the Number Game!

Look at the Numicon and say the number for each tile. Put the tiles in a bag. Grab a tile, but don’t take it out of the bag, what number do you think it is? How do you know?
Monday: Learn the Superworm chant

Can you make it into a song? With actions! Send us a film of your child chanting it!

Tuesday: Wizard Lizard Hat

Make a hat, it can be pointy, or floppy!

Wednesday: Magic Flower, make a magic flower (with paper, or paint a flower).

Can you use a scary Wizard Lizards voice to trap Superworm! “Now Superworm, you’re in my power!” What will you make Superworm do?

Thursday: Paint or draw a picture of your favourite bug - ant, caterpillar or spider. Choose another bug to draw. Find somewhere to put your drawings so that everyone can see and talk about them. How many legs? Does it have wings?

Friday: Make lots of worms. Use paper or make them out of playdough. How many worms can you hold in one hand! How many worms can mummy hold in one hand?

How to stay safe when using the internet- Very Important! Stay with your child when she/he is using the internet.

We will look at Smartie the Penguin for safety advice next week.

Listen to Catherine read one of our favourite books.

Can you spot Millie, Catherine's cat?

Spot Bakes a Cake and Spot Goes to a Party

Two stories for very young children; Spot Bakes a Cake and Spot Goes to a Party.

Nursery will begin with another singing and counting song involving some familiar animal friends!

They will also sing a new lively song which involve some actions!

Week beginning 4th May

Hello to all our families!

It has been lovely catching up with you and finding out how the children are doing. We will continue to stay touch by phone. Calls will show as PRIVATE NUMBER.

This week we are continuing with The Gruffalo. We have given you suggestions for each day and some activities will have videos to help you!

We hope the children have enjoyed watching the films we have made. Do let us know if you have any ideas for new videos that we could make.

We have lots of activities to try on Espresso.

Log in: student21455

Password: faraday

Try looking for books that are animated on Espresso – Owl Babies, So Much etc. These films often have the text running underneath – useful for your child to tune into.

Please continue to send us your photos so we can add them to your child’s Learning Journal. We love seeing what activities the children are enjoying! They could send us messages too!

Take care and stay safe

Catherine and Deanna
You can find the timetable for this week over here.
Have a go at these Gruffalo Exercises each day.

Monday: Gruffalo thumping, grumping, jumping, lumping and pumping!

Tuesday: Make up your own sequence of at least four moves. Repeat. Repeat! Make sure you get out of breath!

Wednesday: When you do your exercises, what happens to your body? Do your Gruffalo exercises and check! Do you know where your heart is? Can you feel it?

Thursday: Count to ten using your body! Can you Gruffalo jump 10 times? Can you do 10 star jumps? 10 leg kicks? Think of some more!!
Monday: Remind yourself of the Gruffalo refrain – can you remember all of it? Make a story map of the journey the mouse takes through the forest!

Tuesday: Look at your map and tell someone the story! Make animal noises (from book and others!) Can your adult guess the animal?

Wednesday: Make a postcard with the Gruffalo on one side. Make a stamp with the mouse on! Can you think of a message to send to Catherine or Deanna?

Email a photo of it to us!



Thursday: Take a look at Busy Things. Find Phase 1 Phonic activities. Have a go!
Monday: Calm and Comfortable. Lie down. How are you feeling today? Think of something that makes you happy. Can you picture it in your mind? What can you see? Tell your adult. Choose a favourite song to dance to!

Tuesday: Listen to the sounds of the ocean on YouTube. Lie down. Listen to the waves for three minutes. How do you feel now?

Stand up, wake up your body. Try Shake it Off from Sing!

Wednesday: Make some playdough! Playing with playdough makes us feel better!


4 cups of flour

2 cups salt

2 tbsp oil

1 cup water

food colouring

Squash it, squeeze it, stretch it, roll it, pat it, poke holes in it, make different shapes? Place in a plastic bag in the fridge, it will last a week!

Thursday: The Gruffalo has hurt his paw! How would you make him feel better?

What could you do?

What could you say?

What song do you think he would like to hear?

Sing it!
Monday: Positional language. Teddy/box maths

Put teddy in, on next to, under, beside, underneath.

How many toys can you fit in your box?

Help to put them away afterwards!

Tuesday: Find lots of different size boxes. Find a box for your biggest bear and for your smallest bear. Take photos of all your bears or dolls in their boxes.

Wednesday: Find a box and ask a grown up to help you open it out into a flat shape. What shapes can you see?

Can you put the box back together again?

Thursday: Drawing Shape Pictures. Watch the video with Deanna.

Monday: Can you make a tree with recycled materials? Make an owl to perch in the branches!

Tuesday: Make a story box about the Gruffalo. Include trees, bushes, butterflies... A shoe box is perfect for this activity.

Wednesday: Add some characters to your story box. The animals and of course the Gruffalo!

Thursday: Paint or draw a picture of the fox, owl and snake from The Gruffalo. Take a photo of it and send it to us!
We have a selection of Nursery stories for you, read by class teacher Deanna.

The Smartest Giant in Town

The Gruffalo

So Much

Don't Put Your Finger in the Jelly

Catherine has recommended the Hungry Little Minds website for Reception children to explore.
This week Nursery will sing a counting song called 'Magic Fingers', consolidate their understand of volume and speed with 'Two Little Blackbirds and will watch the double bass and violin being performed in a number of ways!

Week beginning Monday 27th April

You can find the Nursery activities for the week ahead over here.
Watch Nursery class teacher Catherine reading The Gruffalo.

Make a washing line at home, peg up some numbers and have some fun!

Read the story and count along with Catherine.

We will be going over last weeks song with actions and singing 'The Very Hungry Crocodile!'

Week beginning Monday 20th April

Nursery teachers Catherine and Deanna have prepared a week of fun learning activities for the children.

These include many tasks based around The Gruffalo, one of our favourite books in The Nursery.

You can view the worksheet over here.
Our music teacher Noura has recorded a special message for the Nursery children.

Week beginning Monday 6th April

We have a selection of fun Easter activities that can be carried out around the home. These cover science learning, art and baking!

Bake a Cake

Create a Menu

Design an Easter Egg Hunt

Science Investigation

Write a Letter
thinkuknow is a great resource for online learning. We have a worksheet to share for Early Years children over here.
Purple Mash is a great website for online learning. We are happy to share the latest Purple Mash newsletter for parents and carers over here.

Week beginning Monday 30th March

Our wonderful music teacher Noura has kindly recorded another special video message for the Nursery children.

Busy Things - is a great learning resource for Nursery and Reception children. You can now subscribe for only £1 a month
We have a very special treat for the Nursery children. Class teacher Catherine has kindly recorded a short story for us to watch.

You can watch Catherine reading The Gruffalo below.

If you feel inspired to create some artwork at home then why not design some posters showing that you support our wonderful NHS staff?

Many children throughout the country are creating rainbow posters and placing them in their windows. The idea is help key workers be happy on their way to work each morning.

Think about adding a rainbow to your design. This is a symbol that many children are using to show that they support the brave NHS staff who work in our hospitals.

We would love to share any of your posters on the Michael Faraday School website! You can scan in your poster, or take a photo of it with a phone, and then upload using the box below.


Week beginning Monday 23rd March

It is important that we all try and keep to a routine whilst we are away from school. Catherine and Deanna have put together a suggested daily timetable for the Nursery children.

You can view the activities over here.
We are going to go on an Easter egg hunt!

There are some videos for you to watch over here.

We also some a worksheet to follow over here.

Let's sort the eggs into colours and sizes. You can count who has the most, and who has the fewest. Is it fair? See if you can share the eggs with the children.
Our music teacher Noura has recorded a special music video for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children.

Our lessons this term have included the song There's a Little Wheel a Turning. Noura has kindly recorded a video that we can all watch and join in with at home.

It includes different actions for the children to take part in. We should all be note perfect when we return to school.

Thank you Noura!