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Half term week

Dear Reception

We hope you’ve had some fun this week making observations of your bean and recording its growth in your diary. Hopefully it will grow some more during half term and once it’s ready, you can plant it in some compost.

It has been lovely to see some pictures of your beans and other growing activities you have been busy doing! Please continue to send us pictures of what you get up to during half term.

If you are celebrating Eid this weekend, a lovely Eid Mubarak from us. We hope you have a lovely day celebrating and make sure you eat lots of delicious food!

Have a great half term and stay safe.

Ayshah and Emily
We are happy to share some learning ideas from our friends at the Blue Elephant Theatre. We look forward to working with the wonderful team once again in the future!


Louise has made a ‘make-your-own-playscript’ pack - it’s pretty detailed so takes a bit of time to complete and can be downloaded over here.

We're celebrating our 21st birthday soon and have launched a poster competition for young people to design a poster that will be used across our week of celebrations.

The winner and runners up will also receive theatre tickets to Blue Elephant - once shows are back up and running! The deadline is May 28th and photos of hand-drawn entries can be emailed to us or shared to our social media.

We've also released a short drama and storytelling workshop, in English and in Spanish. They're fun activities around the story of Cinderella and they also focus on being very positive and reinforcing what's inappropriate behaviour.

There's some sign-posting in them to support services, like Childline and Solace. The workshops are probably best suited to ages 3 - 7:

English Workshop:

Spanish Workshop:

Tangled Feet Theatre has put together some great learning resources for pupils of all ages. We have worked with the theatre in the past. We are hopeful of carrying on this relationship in the future!


Our show for 3-8 year olds ‘Butterflies’ is a story about three friends going on an adventure, which gently explores how we cope with cope with anxiety, It is a co-production with Half Moon theatre, is forty minutes long and is available free online below:

Here is our ten week Mindfulness At Home project, which brings together storytelling, mindfulness and yoga to help children develop emotional awareness and resilience, and which ties in to the show ‘Butterflies.'

The programme is designed and led by Emily, who is a qualified teacher and our Participation Director, and Rachel who is a qualified yoga teacher. Each session is 10-20 minutes long and encompasses a simple activity using things you’d find at home.

The show 'Need A Little Help', which came to Michael Faraday last year is available below.

The accompanying ‘young carers resource pack’, developed in collaboration with West Sussex Council, is available over here.
Our School Counsellor Dom has put together a great wellbeing guide for all pupils. There are many different ideas that you could try each day during the half term break.

You can read Dom's ideas over here.

Week beginning 18th May

Hello Reception!

How are you all? We hope that you have all received your bean from us in the post. Get planting and there are lots of bean activities for you to enjoy this week.

We would love to see pictures of your bean and Bean Diaries so please do email them to us. There are also spare beans at school if you need to collect one.

Have a lovely week,

Emily and Ayshah
You can find the timetable for this week over here.
We come to the end of our Phase 3 sounds this week. Well done for all your hard work so far.

You can use this plan to complete your Phonics activities.

The reading and writing activities can be changed or simplified if you want your child to start practicing with shorter sentences or captions first e.g. ‘A man with a beard’ instead of ‘The man on the boat has a long beard’.

Follow this PowerPoint to complete the activities for the week.

Please watch this video of Ayshah for ideas on activities that will help you to segment the sounds in words when you are writing.

Here are some more Numicon activities for you. This week it is all about subtraction!

Numicon 1

Numicon 2

Numicon 3

Numicon 4

Numicon 5

Try the first activity with Ayshah below.

Continue to take part in activities that will help you to stay healthy and fit while you are at home. Have a go at some of the activities in a game of Pick 'n' Mix.

We will also be trying a fine motor challenge and making playdough this week! You can find the activity over here. We have some instructions on how to make playdough over here.

It is very important to also think about yoga and meditation to shake the stress away! Watch and follow fun yoga stories on Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. This week, our favourite has been Popcorn and the Pirates!
Monday – plant your bean (if you haven’t already!) using these instructions.

Tuesday – Start your Bean Diary, where you will record your observations of your bean as it grows. You can make the diary by simpl​y folding some paper in half into a book. Give your diary a front cover and make your first entry – include the date, an observational drawing with labels or a description of how your bean looks. Try to write some of the words (e.g. bean, shoot, green) on your own. Add to your diary each day and record how your bean is changing!

Wednesday – Read this bean life cycle worksheet to learn more about how your bean will grow. Watch the bean timelapse video to see this growth sped up!

Thursday – Complete this bean life cycle worsheet. Look carefully at the pictures and decide which order they should go in. If you have a printer then you can cut and stick these pictures onto the diagram. Don’t worry if not though, an adult can help you draw the pictures into the right order with arrows in between them.

Friday – Make sure your Bean Diary is up to date. Take photos of your bean to send to friends and family – you could even email one to Emily or Ayshah, we’d love to see them. Hopefully your bean has some shoots by now and maybe even a stalk. You can transfer your bean to a plant pot with compost once the stalk begins to grow. Keep the soil moist and leave it in the sun to grow!
Monday – watch Emily reading Jack and the Beanstalk below.

Tuesday – make puppets of Jack and the Giant by drawing these characters and attaching a strip of card or a lollystick to them. Use these puppets to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Remember to use a deep, booming voice for the giant!

Wednesday – watch this different version of Jack and the Beanstalk and answer the quiz questions at the end.

You might need your Espresso login, which is:

Username: Reception

Password: Receptionn
Jack’s beanstalk grows very very tall! Go on a hunt around the house for items taller and shorter than your Phonics jotter. Then choose 5 of those items and put them in height order, from shortest to tallest. (You might need to help your child use tall and long in the right way to describe height and length.)

Collect five sticks outside and order them from shortest to longest. You can use your Numicon counters (or any uniform objects like blocks or socks!) to measure the length of each stick. How many counters long is the longest stick? How many counters long is the shortest stick?

When your bean gets taller, you can measure its height by stacking blocks next to it. Record how tall your bean is (e.g. on day 8, my bean is 5 blocks tall) in the your bean diary!
Make a beanstalk collage using natural materials like sticks and leaves. You can gather the materials in the park and stick them to paper with glue.

Make a giant’s castle! You could paint it, draw it, or build it from recycled materials. Remember to include details like the golden hen and harp.
It is important to remind our children about how to stay safe online, especially as your children might be online more than usual at the moment while they access their school work from home.

To help you think about online safety, please take a look at this worksheet and complete it with your child.
Here is a story about a little penguin called Pim. Pim is in Reception at his school. He loves school and finds it really hard when his school closes and he can’t go anymore.

We hope this story helps you to talk with your family about how you might be feeling at the moment. (The author of this book is Sue Rogers – we met Sue in school when she came in to talk to us about her book The Mayflower!)
We have a special treat for the Reception children this week. You can watch class teacher Ayshah reading It's Ramadan, Curious George below.

This week Reception will continue to secure their sense of pulse with a fun new song called Elephants have wrinkles!

Week beginning 11th May

Hello Reception!

We hope you enjoy this week's activities. We are still reading Rosie Revere Engineer and you will be writing your own version of the story.

We will be exploring things that float and glide (like Rosie's flying machine) in Science and investigating weight in Maths. We hope you will have a go a making another invention too and would love to see photos!

Look out for a letter coming your way in the post too - we have sent you something that you will need for next week's learning!

Take care,

Emily and Ayshah ​
You can find the timetable for this week over here.
This week in Phonics, we will be continuing to practice some of our Phase 3 sounds. You can use this plan to complete your Phonics activities for the week.

Ayshah has made a video of different activities that will help you to blend the sounds in words when you are reading. You can watch the video below.

​Remember Espresso also has lots of useful Phonics activities and resources.

Username: student21455

Password: faraday​
Here are some more Numicon activities for you. This week it is all about addition!

Phonics 1

Phonics 2

Phonics 3

Phonics 4

Phonics 5

Have a go at the Numicon activity 'three in a row'. You will need two players for this game. The first player to cover all three numbers in a row wins!

We hope you are enjoying different daily exercises. Joe Wicks’ workouts have been challenging but really fun!

Please continue to have a go at the virtual challenges by the PE & School Sports Network.

A different and unique approach for physical and motor activities can be found at Hands On As We Grow. Click here to find some great ideas.
We are continuing our work with Rosie Revere Engineer this week. You can watch Emily reading the story again and will need these resources for the activities.

In the first activity, we will look closely at how Rosie feels and talk with an adult about some words to describe our feelings. Then we will make a story map of Rosie Revere by ordering pictures from the book.

We will be using this map to write our own version of the story.

Choose three or four key images from the book and use them in your book: draw a picture and write a matching sentence for each one. Make sure your story has a font cover too!

Please send us pictures of your finished stories, we would love to see them!
We will be continuing to investigate and explore flight and wind, like Rosie Revere. There is a recipe for making bubble mixture over here​ and a video of Emily making a parachute from a plastic bag below.

Using the parachute you made for Science we will begin investigating weight. You can watch Emily's parachute video below.

Try attaching different figures (of different shapes and sizes) and see which ones float under the parachute to earth!

Have a think about why some of the figures float better than others. Record your findings by drawing each figure and indicating with a cross or tick if it worked with the parachute.

Then you can compare the weight of different items from your kitchen. You can choose anything - kitchen roll, a tin of beans, a bag of flour - before comparing their weights in pairs, deciding which feels heavier out of two items at a time. Can you arrange the items from the heaviest to the lightest?

Finally look at the Lighter or Heavier worksheet, finding the real objects where possible to test before making your guess.
Make another invention like Rosie Revere - inspired by the hotdog dispenser perhaps?! This time you could use a construction kit like Lego instead of recycled materials. Tell someone at home all about what it does and how it works.

Make a kite with an interesting design or pattern. Attach some string and see if it will fly!
Watch the animation below about Lillian Todd - a real engineer who designed planes one hundred years ago! Look closely at this page from the story and look out for Lilian Todd's name.

Week beginning 4th May

Hello Reception!

We hope you enjoy all the new activities this week. We will be focusing on a new story, Rosie Revere Engineer. There's new Numicon, Phonics and PE ideas too.

Remember you can contact us with any questions or feedback on our email addresses ( for Emily or for Ayshah).

We would love to see what you have been up to so please do send pictures of any work that you are really proud of to our email addresses. It could be writing, a painting or a model!

Take care,

Emily and Ayshah
You can find the timetable for this week over here.
This week in Phonics, we will be continuing to practise some of our Phase 3 sounds. You can use this plan to complete your Phonics activities for the week.

Ayshah has made another video to help you with some of the activities. You can watch the video below.

This week it is all about making repeating patterns. You could even have a go at creating patterns with objects from your house e.g. cutlery, clothes, jewellery, buttons, can use absolutely anything!

We have some numicon activities for you for each day of the week:






Try the first activity with Emily below.

We hope that you have been keeping active at home using Andy’s Wild Work Outs and Joe Wicks of course!

This week have a go at some of these virtual challenges by the PE & School Sports Network. You will find the link to these challenges over here.

There are other activities that you can do with your families at home to keep fit too. Make it challenging by having competitions. Who can hold a plank for a minute? Who can do the most hops in one minute?

There is also a fun balloon challenge for you to try over here.
This week we have a new story to read, Rosie Revere Engineer. Rosie is a little girl who collects objects and materials and uses them to build new inventions, like hot-dog dispensers and a flying machine.

Does the story remind you of another story we know?

Watch Emily reading it below and if you look closely, you might see a familiar character in Rosie’s class at school!

Watch the story several times over the week and talk with an adult at home about what has happened so far, what you think will happen next and how Rosie feels at different points in the story.

Here are some extra resources you will need for the following activities.

On Wednesday, look at the picture together and have a go at reading the words before you match them to the right part of the picture.

On Thursday, you can look back at Rosie's inventions. Decide which one is your favourite and have go at drawing it and labelling its parts.

On Friday, imagine what you would like to build as an engineer and complete some sentences using your ideas.

Inspired by Rosie Revere's flying machine, we thought we could have a go at making paper aeroplanes! Here are some instructions and a video from Emily to help you with your first try.

Then have a go at some of the different designs shown in the video below. Experiment with the different planes and think about why some fly further and faster than others. Can you design your own paper aeroplane?

There is a also a template for a helicopter​ over here that you can make with just some paper and a paperclip. Don't worry if you don't have a printer, copying the design onto paper and cutting that out should work too!
Use your paper aeroplanes to measure and compare distances. Can you race two aeroplanes and see which has flown the furthest?

Record the results of the races using tallies. Then try measuring the distance that your plane can fly by counting the steps it takes you to get from the starting point to where your plane landed.

Can you estimate how many steps your plane has flown? Can you make it go further next time? How many steps will that be? Can you think of other ways to measure the distance?
Watch these engineers making Rosie Revere's snake-repelling cheese hat.

Think about an invention you would like to design and make - maybe a type of flying machine like Rosie - and get the materials ready, draw a design and get making! We would love to your creations - email a picture to Emily or Ayshah!
Watch the story Whatever Next over here. Baby Bear builds his very own flying machine - a rocket - from a cardboard box.

Watch Emily reading Shhh We Have A Plan. Once you've watch it you can decide which was the better plan - the net or the bread?!

Catherine has recommended the Hungry Little Minds website for Reception children to explore
This week Reception are encouraged to move to the sound they hear in 'There's a Mouse In The House' paying careful attention to the speed and the volume. They will also play along to a Scottish folk song called 'Three Crows'.

Week beginning Monday 27th April

How are you all? We hope you are enjoying the sunshine and spending time at home with you families.

Please see the timetable for this week's home learning. There are more Phonics and Numicon activities to do. We are also continuing our work on the story Ada Twist Scientist which will involve lots of Literacy tasks as well as links to Science, Maths, Art and Roleplay.

We hope you enjoy the activities and if you have any questions or just want to say hello, please email us - (Emily) or (Ayshah).

Have a wonderful week!

Best wishes,

Emily and Ayshah
You can find the timetable for this week over here.
Keep practising Phonics each day using this plan.

Ayshah has made a video to help you which you can watch below.

Daily phonics lessons are starting online this week! These are provided by the Department for Education via a YouTube channel over here.

All lessons are introduced by celebrities, including children’s TV presenters, which adds an exciting addition to the lessons.

There are three sets of daily lessons to choose from and we suggest your child starts with one set of lessons most suitable to their year group and reading ability.

After watching each lesson, we encourage you to read aloud to your child.

You can read more information over here.
Here are some more Numicon activities for you to try using the packs sent home last month.






Try the first one with Emily here.

We hope you've enjoyed Joe Wickes and Cosmic Kids Yoga. Andy's Wild Work Outs are great fun too.

Here are some other ideas to help you keep moving at home.
Now we are familiar with the story of Ada Twist Scientist we will be using it to do some Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing.

You will need these resources for some of the activities on the timetable.

Watch to Emily reading Ada Twist, Scientist.

Get investigating! Have fun exploring capacity with water and a selection of containers.
It's time to be inspired by Ada Twist and her fascination with smells!

Learn about the senses over here and conduct a science experiment.

You can even make smelly playdough by adding extra ingredients to this recipe.​
Have a go at drawing​ or painting Ada at different stages of the story before making some science-inspired models using recycled materials.
Have a go at being a scientist yourself! What will you investigate?
Don't forget to watch Emily reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea!

This week we will learn a new song by Woodie Guthrie called 'Riding In My Car' as well as practising our dynamics (loud and quiet playing!).

Week beginning Monday 20th April

Our wonderful staff member Margrita has been busy recording some stories for the Reception children.

You can listen to these below.

Room on the Broom

The Long Nosed Pig

Tyrannosaurus Drip

Class teachers Ayshah and Emily have a couple of phonics sheets for the Reception children to work on this week.

These cover Phonics Level 2 and Level 3. Please choose a suitable sheet for your child.

Have fun!

Phonics Phase 2 Home Learning Challenges

Phonics Phase 3 Home Learning Challenges
We have a maths worksheet for the Reception children to follow this week. This looks at the topic of weight.

Maths and Weight Worksheet
We would like the children to read a new story this week, Ada Twist Scientist by Andrea Beatty.

You can also watch class teacher Emily sharing the story in the video below.

Click here for some activities related to the story. Sharing stories is so important. Here are some links to story telling websites that you could explore.

Fun Brain Books

Our music teacher Noura has recorded a special message for the Reception children.

Week beginning Monday 6th April

We have a selection of fun Easter activities that can be carried out around the home. These cover science learning, art and baking!

Bake a Cake

Create a Menu

Design an Easter Egg Hunt

Science Investigation

Write a Letter
thinkuknow is a great resource for online learning. We have a worksheet to share for Early Years children over here.
Purple Mash is a great website for online learning. We are happy to share the latest Purple Mash newsletter for parents and carers over here.

Week beginning Monday 30th March

Emily and Ayshah have prepared two worksheets for the Reception children for this week.

The first is a Maths Challenge.

We also have a Reception Phonics and Topic Challenge.

We look forward to seeing any completed work when we return to Michael Faraday.

Have fun!
Our wonderful music teacher Noura has kindly recorded another special video message for both the Nursery and Reception children.

Class teacher Emily has very kindly recorded a special story for the Reception children.

The Night Pirates is one of our favourite class books. We hope that the children can enjoy listening to the story with their adults at home.

If you feel inspired to create some artwork at home then why not design some posters showing that you support our wonderful NHS staff?

Many children throughout the country are creating rainbow posters and placing them in their windows. The idea is help key workers be happy on their way to work each morning.

Think about adding a rainbow to your design. This is a symbol that many children are using to show that they support the brave NHS staff who work in our hospitals.

We would love to share any of your posters on the Michael Faraday School website! You can scan in your poster, or take a photo of it with a phone, and then upload using the box below.


Week beginning Monday 23rd March

It is important that we all try and keep to a routine whilst we are away from school. Emily and Ayshah have put together a suggested daily timetable for the Reception children.

You can view the activities over here.
We are going to go on an Easter egg hunt!

There are some videos for you to watch over here.

We also some a worksheet to follow over here.

Let's sort the eggs into colours and sizes. You can count who has the most, and who has the fewest? Is it fair? See if you can share the eggs with the children.
Our music teacher Noura has recorded a special music video for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children.

Our lessons this term have included the song There's a Little Wheel a Turning. Noura has kindly recorded a video that we can all watch and join in with at home.

It includes different actions for the children to take part in. We should all be note perfect when we return to school.

Thank you Noura!