Summer Ukulele and Recorder Music project

Our ukulele and recorder teachers Joe and Danny have been working hard on some extra home music learning. The Southwark Music Service team has come up with the Hand Wash song for you to learn!

This activity is ideal for members of the Michael Faraday Ukulele and Recorder Clubs. Other pupils can also follow the learning!

We have one ukulele tutorial, and three recorder videos to share below.

A good place to start is by listening to a short version of the song below. We have also added the lyrics.

We don’t want to get sick
So let me share my favourite tip
Let’s say goodbye to dirt and germs too Protecting me and looking after you
Got to keep those hands washed Do the hand wash yeah! x2
(Scrub and scrub!)
My fingers never looked so clean (Scrub and scrub!)
The freshest hands you’ve ever seen (Scrub and scrub!)
With soap and water through the day (Scrub and scrub!)
We keep those germs away
(Repeat chorus)

Next up is a backing track. You will find this useful when you are attempting to play yourself!

Finally we have the video tutorials to help you.

Good luck! ?

We look forward to hearing your progress when we return to Michael Faraday School in September.

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