Birthdays, Maths and Music in the Faraday Reception

Both Reception classes are settling in well to the new school routine. The first few weeks of the new term have been part of a transition period.

We are reading the book Teddy‘s Birthday. This is the story about somebody who is not able to celebrate their birthday because of the lockdown.

We have used this story to explore how some of the children have felt if they have faced a similar situation.

Our next book will be The Colour Monster. This looks at the idea of colours as emotions, and how they can make us feel.

Elsewhere in Reception and our maths learning has looked at height. We are also learning numbers up to 10.

2D shapes are also part of our early maths work. The children are looking at properties such as the number of sides, and if they are straight or curved.

We are continuing with our weekly music lessons with our specialist teacher Noura. These usually start with a warm up routine. The children follow the actions from Noura.

The main focus is to look at high and low sounds on the chime bars. The children were asked to identify when they could hear a high or a low sound, and then either stretch up or down.

We have used the chime bars and claves to repeat some of the musical patterns made by Noura. The Reception children are also following instructions to play their instruments quietly or loudly.

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