Year 1 Maths Learning and Super Hero Training!

The Year 1 children have started their super heroes topic. Our main class reading book involves looking at the adventures of Traction Man.

Each class member has written a letter to Traction Man. They were asked to think about suitable questions to put to our superhero.

Preparations are also taking place for the Year 1 superhero parade. Costumes, masks and badges have been made.

Our PE lessons have helped the children to explore their own superhero skills. We have used our wonderful play equipment as a training ground for the Michael Faraday Superhero School.

Meanwhile our maths learning in Year 1 has looked at comparing numbers. The vocabulary has included phrases such as more or less.

The children were asked to think of similar words or phrases that we could use. We came up with the idea of greater than and less than, and also equal. We have looked at the symbols that show these ideas.

This learning was very practical. Groups of children used the classroom scales to see which amount of numicon was more when compared with another.

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