Year 4 Westlandia Maps and Introduction to the Ukulele

Year 4 have started to read the book Westlandia. This tells the story of a boy growing up in a mysterious setting.

The story starts off with the boy not being liked by his other friends. This is because he is different and doesn’t fit in.

The boy is able to gain his confidence and friendships by growing crops. The theme of the book is that it is OK to be different.

The Year 4 pupils have used the setting of Westlandia to create their own fictional landscapes. Each class member has drawn a village with different items located.

There was a focus on looking down on our fictional settings so we could get a sense of perspective. The children also understood that it was important to include a river and the fields so the crops could grow.

We have also looked at some grid maps. The pupils have learnt that it is important to add labels to our maps.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and the children are making great progress with their introduction to the ukulele. Each week our skilled ukulele teacher Joe guides each class with their learning.

Our early focus has been on learning some chord sequences. Year 4 are learning open and closed chords.

We have started work on learning our first song. The children are learning a chord sequence for Sam Smith’s Stay With Me.

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