Year 5 Interview Class Friend about Life in France

French has been the European Language of the Week in Year 5. We have researched many of the famous buildings that can be found in France.

This has led to each class member building their own model of the Eiffel Tower. Plenty of planning and preparation went into this project.

The pupils were asked to think about the materials they might need. Examples included matches, lollipop sticks and art straws.

The only criteria for our model building is that the same material has to be used for our Eiffel Towers.

We are very lucky as one of our friends in Year 5 has a French background. He joined Michael Faraday School in Year 3, and has been able to learn the English language fluently.

The other class members interviewed our friend all about his experience and knowledge of French culture. Questions were prepared in advance. We were keen to get a personal insight into the country.

The pupils were able to find out about French food, travel and sport. Comparisons were made between living in France and living in London. This was a fantastic personal insight.

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