Black History Month Celebrations in Year 1

The Year 1 pupils are looking at the historical figure of Rosa Parks as part of our Black History Month work. We are also looking at some inspirational figures from the world of sport. The children enjoyed learning about Jesse Owens and his success at the Olympics.

The main theme for this work is to understand that we are all different. Role-play has been used to help the children understand how it feels to look different.

We are also reading a brilliant book by Julia Donaldson called Smeds and Smoos. This tells the story of two families that at first don’t get along. They find some common ground and are able to become friends.

Other English work in Year 1 involves looking at rhyming words. We are using the book Oi Frog to help with this. The children will make their own flip books involving the frog character.

Finally class teachers Kelly and Emily are looking forward to our Parents Evening ahead of the half term break. All parents and carers will be able to speak with the class teachers on the phone and find out about the progress of the children.

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