Black History Month in the Michael Faraday Reception

The Reception children have been introduced to some of the themes involved in Black History Month. We have been thinking about the message of all are welcome.

The children have been talking about how we are different, but we also have many similarities. We have looked at portraits to see how everyone has unique features.

Black History Month has also featured in our music learning. The children have had great fun learning a traditional song from Cameroon.

We will soon start reading the book Handa’s Surprise. We will use this story to help with our maths work. The children will be counting fruit and animals in the story.

Artwork in Reception has seen the children create some very colourful puppets. These have been used to talk about feelings and some of the emotions we might experience at school.

Finally our maths learning in Reception has focused on shapes. We have also looked at what it means when we say one more. The children have been counting on one more in numbers.

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