Year 2 Science Learning Looks at How to Care for Pets

Year 2 are looking at animals and humans as part of their science learning for the autumn term. We started by looking at what babies are called in different animal groups. New vocabulary included names such as lambs, foals and chicks.

We then considered the question: which animals come from an egg? The children have also named each stage of growth in the human timeline.

We are now looking at the basic needs for humans. The pupils have seen how food, water and air are primary needs. We have also considered how important shelter can be.

Our recent science learning looked at pet needs. The children held a class discussion to consider what other needs pets might require, apart from food water and air.

We talked about the importance of keeping out pets healthy and happy.

Our individual table work for this learning involved the children choosing their favourite pet. We then had a series of questions to answer.

This was presented as a piece of comprehension. We had a short passage to read about each animal. Our task was to find answers within the text.

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