Year 5 Spanish Learning and Black History Month

The Year 5 students are continuing with their weekly Spanish lessons. We usually start each session with a fun song.

The focus for a recent lesson was on Spanish words connected to emotions. We listened to some calming down music and learnt the Spanish phrases for breathing in, and breathing out.

The pupils then considered how some Spanish phrases are different in translation when compared to English.

Our new vocabulary for this lesson focused on Spanish words for different emotions. We noticed that some of these change, depending if you are addressing a male or a female.

Brief conversations took place with our partners. We then shared these with our other friends in the class.

The writing exercise for this lesson involved matching up face pictures with different emotions. We finished with another Spanish song, this time using all the knowledge we had learnt about the Spanish words for emotions.

Elsewhere in Year 5 and the students are about to start a major research topic based around Black History Month. The challenge will be to write the biography of a famous black person. The only criteria is that our subject of choice must be British and black.

All our entries will then be collated together to form a Year 5 Black History Month celebration booklet.

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