Nursery Colour Monster Book and Music Sessions

The Nursery children are reading the book The Colour Monster. This helps us to understand more about our feelings. One of the themes in the book is how our friends can help us to feel better.

The story involves feelings being sorted into different jars. We are continuing with this sorting theme for our maths learning.

It would be great if the children could carry out some sorting at home. It is a simple idea that involves sorting household objects into different piles.

Elsewhere in the Nursery and the children are continuing with their weekly music sessions with Noura.

A recent lesson saw the children being introduced to the colourful scarves for the first time. They were asked to listen to the instructions from Noura. These involved waving them up or down, side to side and turning around.

Noura then asked the children to think about the colour of their scarves. When they heard their own colour being called out they were asked to stand up and carry out some actions.

Finally we have started our very early preparations for the online Michael Faraday Winter Concert. The children will be singing a song called Snowflake.

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