Reception Fireworks and Phonics Learning

The Reception children are making great progress with their daily phonics learning. We have been focusing on specific sounds. These have been double consonants such as ss and ll.

Our learning involves the class members listening to different words being read out. We then attempt to spell these on our whiteboards.

The Reception children are building up to writing their own sentences. A recent example was the sentence ‘a pig on a hill.’

We are reminded that all sentences need to start with a capital letter. The children counted the number of words. Self marking takes place. The class members then share their work.

Elsewhere in Reception and fireworks have been a strong theme in recent weeks. We have looked at how everyone can stay safe when they are watching fireworks.

We have viewed some online videos of firework displays. The children then read a special fireworks poem. This included many sounds that we can hear from fireworks.

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