Year 1 English, Maths and PE Skills

Year 1 are having great fun reading The Naughty Bus book. This tells the story of a bus that likes to misbehave.

The children have all written letters to the Naughty Bus, asking it to be good and to follow the rules.

We are also learning about the autumn weather. The children recently went outside on an autumn treasure hunt. They were asked to collect autumn leaves and any other wildlife associated with the season.

We used these resources back in our classroom to create an autumn collage. Firework paintings have also formed part of our art learning.

Maths lessons in Year 1 have started to look at number sentences. We are also using our autumn objects to help us with our counting.

Our PE activities are helping the children with their coordination. We started a recent session with a quick game of toilet tag.

Two different workstations were then set up. The first activity helped the children to improve their ball coordination skills.

Each class member used a large soft ball. We rolled this along the ground and then bent down to pick it up. Extra activities and moves were built into this exercise.

The second activity saw the children throwing beanbags into three hoops. We looked at the technique of bending our knees, and how this can help us with our aim.

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