Year 6 Science Circulatory System Experiment

Year 6 recently set up their own science experiment. We wanted to understand the relationship between physical exercise and our heart rate.

The starting point was to take our heart rate whilst it was resting. We listened to some relaxing music, and then counted how many times we could feel our pulse in 30 seconds.

We used our maths skills to double this number so that we could identify our pulse over a minute. The pupils have seen how an average pulse should be between 60 to 100 bpm.

It was then time for some exercise! The class members took part in a Joe Wicks online PE session. This was very strenuous.

Our pulses were then taken once again. We repeated this at regular intervals to see if our heart rate would drop as we cooled down.

The results showed a sharp increase in our heart rate after the PE workout. We then saw a gradual slowing down, with our heart rate returning to the relaxed state.

These results were all plotted on a graph.

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