Thought Leader Award for Burnet News Club Students

We are proud to announce that Michael Faraday has been awarded the Thought Leader title as part of our work with the Burnet News Club.

The Burnet News Club professionals said:

“Michael Faraday students have been instrumental in driving discussions on the Hub so far this term. They have contributed a range of posts and numerous comments that have got us all thinking. The quality of their contributions has been excellent too and they are currently top of the school leaderboard.”

Each week a selection of Year 6 students work with class teacher Leanne on a schedule of current affairs learning. This is a very practical after-school project that also helps to develop journalism skills.

A recent task involved the students creating a profile of an American citizen. We then had to think about what policies might attract our model character to vote in the US election.

Our work is then shared on the Burnet News Hub online hub. The Faraday students were praised for the posts they made, and some of the thoughtful comments they left on other work. This led to as being given the title of Thought Leaders for the autumn term.

You can read more about this prestigious award over here.

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