Watch the Year 1 Transport Topic Video

The Year 1 children are finishing their transport topic looking at buses. Unfortunately we were unable to attend the London Transport Museum due to the current Covid restrictions.

Instead we were able to put on an impressive transport exploration session back at Michael Faraday school!

The children enjoyed an adventure through time looking at the history of buses. We were able to see omnibuses, the B-type bus, Routemasters and modern day London buses.

Role-play took place so the children could imagine what it would have been like jumping on and off a Routemaster.

The children also found it amusing to find out that the omnibus needed someone whose job it was to clean up the horse mess!

Each class member has written their own piece of non-fiction summarising our knowledge of buses. We have published these to create a Year One transport book.

You can watch a couple of class members explaining a little more about their bus work in the short video above.

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