Year 6 Spellings and Early Rehearsal for Winter Concert

Our weekly spelling tests are always a highlight every Friday afternoon in Year 6! Each week a new set of words are provided for the pupils. The choice of words reflects themes and topics in our current learning.

Extra spelling challenges are available for any students that feel especially confident. Some recent words came from our work with the Burnet News Club. Some of the class members were able to spell and provide a superb definition for the word whistleblower.

Another strong theme for the second half of the term has been anti-bullying. Year 6 class members have created a puzzle piece showing a heart. This symbolises how we can all work together to overcome bullying.

There is a powerful simile in our puzzle piece. Class teacher Leanne asked how can we mend the cracks in the heart. The pupils understood the message of how bullying can leave long-term consequences.

More uplifting is the Year 6 rehearsals for the Michael Faraday winter concert. We are pulling out all the punches with a powerful rendition of All I Want for Christmas Is You.

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