Nursery Diwali Celebrations and New Library of Books

The Nursery children are looking at the story of Rama and Sita as part of our introduction to Diwali. We have seen how rangoli patterns are used by Hindus to help celebrate this occasion. Plenty of colourful dots can be seen around the Nursery.

We have looked at how diva lights helped Sita to find her way back in the forest. The children have created some diva lights using clay.

Small groups of children also enjoyed a special table activity. Class teacher Chloe was able to bring in some special Diwali lights and decorations.

We pieced these together to create a colourful Diwali design. The children were fascinated by the bright lights.

We have also made our own Diwali jewellery. The children threaded beads through some string to create necklaces and wristbands.

Elsewhere in the Nursery and we have recently taken delivery of some new library books. Many of these help the children with their understanding of diversity.

Unfortunately we are unable to send any of these books home during the current Covid restrictions. They are available to buy elsewhere online.

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