Reception Make Tasty Mango Lassi Smoothie

The Reception children recently made a very tasty mango lassi smoothie. We started this session by asking the class members what they thought it might taste like. We spoke about how we had to store our smoothie in the fridge so that it will taste cold and fresh.

We then watched a short video of another young person making a smoothie. We spoke about the ingredients that were needed.

The children were able to identify mangoes, coconut milk yoghurt and honey for a little extra sweetness.

It was then time to have some fun and prepare our smoothie. We placed a video camera in the kitchen area, and then watched the mango lassie being prepared.

Small groups of pupils helped out with each task. The end result was a very refreshing smoothie which we were able to enjoy as a treat after lunch.

Elsewhere in Reception and the children are learning about Diwali. We have seen how this is a festival where light plays an important part.

The class members have created some colourful paper lanterns. We have also enjoyed designing some henna hand patterns. Diva lamps have been sculptured out of clay.

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