Nursery Winter Decorations and Maths Sorting

The Nursery children have had great fun making their Christmas tree. We used colourful tissue paper for the main design. The children then decorated the tree. We are also looking forward to making some Christmas cards and wrapping some presents.

The Christmas theme is continuing in the Nursery with our reading. Our current shared class book Stick Man. This tells the story of how Father Christmas helped Stick Man to find his way home.

Our current maths learning in the Nursery involves counting objects. We are also looking at sets. The children have sorted objects into different groups. We have spoken about which objects might be the odd one out.

Weekly rehearsals are taking place ahead of the Michael Faraday winter concert. The Nursery children are working with Noura on our song Snowflake.

Finally we are looking forward to welcoming some new starters to the Michael Faraday Nursery in January. The current class members are thinking about how we can be kind to one another.

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