Year 1 How We Can Help our World Videos

The Year 1 children have started a new topic researching how we can look after our world. We are reading the wonderful book 10 Things I Can Do to Help my World.

The class members went on a mission around our school to look for ways that we can help the planet. Some of the ideas included turning off any taps and lights that aren’t being used, sorting out the recycling into the rubbish bin, and feeding the birds.

The children have made some bird feeders. We have placed these in the school orchard. It was very rewarding to see some local birds enjoying the food that we left out.

Our English learning is carrying on with this theme. The Year 1 children are looking at non-fiction books. We have seen how these can help us to find information.

The class members have made their own non-fiction books. The information inside explains how we can help to look after the world.

You can watch some of the class members reading out the poetry from their books in the video below.

Finally we are all very excited about the Michael Faraday Winter Concert. Some final rehearsals and preparations have taken place. The children got to stand on the stage and perform their songs. Plenty of actions were added to the words we are singing.

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