Y5 Timetable Reading and Winter Concert Preparations

Maths work in Year 5 has seen the pupils reading and understanding travel timetables. This is a tricky piece of learning. It is also a very valuable skill that we can use outside of school.

We looked at local bus timetables. Questions were answered about different travel situations. Analogue clocks were used to help with this learning.

Handwriting is also a current key focus in Year 5. The pupils are asked to think of their own words to keep the exercise interesting.

Some of the class members are practising writing suffix words. They were asked to think of words that have a suffix of either ful or less.

Another group of learners are looking at hyphenated words. We held an interesting class discussion to define which words need to be hyphenated.

Finally the Year 5 pupils are having plenty of fun rehearsing their contribution for the Michael Faraday Winter Concert.

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