Year 6 Spellings, Times Tables and Anti-Bullying Shields

The Year 6 students are working on improving their times tables. We are timing ourselves each week to see how long it takes to complete our numbers grid.

Class member Molly took eleven minutes to complete her exercise one week ago. She has practised every day. This time has now come down to a very impressive six minutes.

Other maths learning in Year 6 has focussed on mental and arithmetic sums. Some of the students receive extra support with the weekly Maths Booster Club.

We are going back in time to fill any knowledge gaps from previous years. The pupils talk through the methods they use to solve different mental maths questions.

Elsewhere in Year 6 and The bully proof shields are now complete. This was a project as part of Anti-Bullying Week. The aim was to design and create a shield that shows our resistance to bullying.

Judy told us:

“I want to try and stop people from being bullied. My shield is there to protect us.“

Bukky said:

“I chose the word equality to place on my shield because it shows that we are all equal.”

Koldae added:

“Everyone is different on the outside. Inside we are all the same. This is the message displayed on my shield.“

Melissa told us:

“The shields act as a reminder about how we can make sure that everyone is safe in our school.“

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