Reception Return with Plenty of Fun and Learning!

The Reception children have returned after the break with plenty of activities to keep them busy with their learning. One of our first tasks was to make Mother’s Day card. A personal message was written in each card.

Maths learning in Reception has involved the children counting from 1 to 10. We are working with our number lines to help with this task.

Plenty of role-play has taken place in our special corner. The children enjoy using the kitchen equipment, as well as dressing up in the various costumes that are available. Teaching staff encourage the children to take responsibility, and keep the area tidy.

Our book corner has plenty of titles to keep the children interested, as well as some new puzzles.

Creative learning in the Reception has seen the children making fossils. Working alongside an adult, we followed the instructions on the sheet. Salt dough was used as the main resource.

Groups of children worked together to weigh out the materials needed. There was some great teamwork on show. Once the salt salt dough was prepared, we then chose a dinosaur for our print.

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