Y1 Create Fossil Prints as Part of Animal Topic Learning

The Year 1 children are back at Michael Faraday and eager to carry on with their learning! Our maths work has involved plenty of catching up. We are having great fun playing snakes and ladders.

Science learning in Year 1 is looking at many different animals. The children are fascinated with some of the animal fossils. We have been measuring dinosaurs to combine this learning with our maths work.

Each class member has made a dinosaur fossil imprint. We started off by making some salt dough. The children used techniques such as kneading the dough and rolling it.

We then chose either a dinosaur figure or a shell to leave a print in the dough. We put this to one side to dry. The end results are quite stunning.

Finally we are celebrating the arrival of spring in Year 1. The children have planted many different flowers and plants. We will be caring for these outside and making sure that they receive enough light and water.

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