Year 2 Spring Flowers and Environmental Research

Spring has arrived in Year 2! To celebrate Science Week the children have been planting different flowers and herbs outside. These include daffodils and lavender, and herbs such as thyme and mint.

We worked in small groups on this exercise. Each class member had their own task. We used small trowels to help move the peat into the plant pots. Some great teamwork was on show.

We will spend the next couple of weeks observing and looking after our plants. The children will make sure that each plant has enough light and water. We can use this exercise to talk about the different parts of a plant. Year 2 will be looking at the roots, the stem and the petals.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and the pupils are looking at the environmental work of Jane Goodall. This is also part of our Science Week learning.

We have seen how Jane worked to help improve the lives of chimpanzees. The children have all produced their own leaflets to explain more about her work. Plenty of facts were included in our leaflets.

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