Year 3 Maths Games and Mother’s Day Cards

Year 3 had great fun playing a maths game with a partner. The aim was to improve our times table knowledge.

Pairs of children took it in turns to throw two dice. We then had to use our mental maths skills and multiply the two numbers together.

A bingo sheet was placed in front of us. If we found the answer on the bingo sheet then we crossed it off. The aim of the game was to achieve four numbers in a row.

This activity was played in a very friendly atmosphere. There was some wonderful teamwork with class members encouraging and supporting their partners.

The Year 3 children decided to add an extra twist to their Mother’s Day cards this year. We have started our Spanish language lessons. It was decided to create Mother’s Day cards that had a special Spanish greeting.

The children have learnt how to say Happy Mother’s Day in Spanish. The phrase Feliz dia la Madre was added inside our cards. We have also been perfecting our pronunciation so that we can offer this greeting to our mothers.

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