Year 5 Science Week, Library Choosing and Mother’s Day!

The Year 5 pupils carried out an amazing experiment as part of Science Week 2021. We wanted to see the effect that water had on a plate of Skittles.

We held a class discussion first to try and predict what might happen. After we learnt that food dye is used in the sweets, one suggestion was that the water may cause the dye to run and create some colourful patterns.

The children divided themselves into small groups. Each table was given the specific challenge of arranging the Skittles on a paper plate in a unique form. We wanted to compare and contrast our arrangements with that of our friends.

Some of the examples included alternative colours, placing Skittles in the middle of the plate, grouping together the same colours and using hot water rather than cold water.

The fun part of the experiment was carrying out the activity. It didn’t take long for us to observe that the water started to have a very colourful effect on the Skittles.

Each group observed what took place, and then offered some feedback to the rest of the class by commenting upon the outcome. We were able to conclude that when water is mixed with the Skittles, it helps to break down the food dye colour.

Other Year 5 learning for Science Week involved plants being planted on our classroom balcony. The children are taking personal responsibility for making sure that these receive plenty of water and light. We will be observing any growth.

Elsewhere in Year 5 and the pupils are continuing with our weekly visits to the Michael Faraday School library. We have many different selections of books available. These include fiction as well as information books.

Each class member gets to make their own independent choice. We have a professional service running with the books being stamped out for a week.

Finally the Year 5 class members have been busy preparing Mother’s Day cards. These have been highly creative taking a 3D form.

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