Year 6 Science Week and PE Teamwork

The Year 6 students are working on their group coordination skills as part of their current PE learning.

A recent activity saw one of the classes splitting into two groups. Each group formed a large circle and sat down. The aim was to link arms and stand up together without breaking the circle.

Teamwork was key for success in this activity. The class members were asked to think of a strategy, and then share their skills with the other group.

It soon became clear that communication was essential here. If everyone works together as a team then we can all achieve.

Both groups then joined together as one large group. We repeated this exercise. Listening skills were also needed rather than have many different team members talking over each other. The large group came close to achieving the aim. We will work on this in future sessions.

Elsewhere in Year 6 and the Science Week Skittles experiment was spectacular! This involved placing different coloured Skittles around the perimeter of a paper plate. When water is added the sugar coated sweets start to mix the colours together.

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