Reception Science, Maths, Phonics and Music

The Reception children are continuing with their dinosaurs topic. We have been reading fiction and non-fiction books. Each class member has produced their own dinosaur fact file. We have carried out some extra research online.

We continued with a dinosaur theme during Science Week. Each class member made their own dinosaur fossil using salt though. We also planted some flowers and herbs as part of our science learning.

Maths learning in Reception is looking at counting on and back. We are also exploring repeating patterns. The children are improving their coordination skills by playing target games in PE lessons.

Our daily phonics learning is also continuing. We are now looking at some of the Phase 3 sounds. We start with our super speedy sounds. The children read some of the sounds out together.

One of our favourite phonics games is Fake or Real? The children have to decide whether to bin a sound, or place it in the treasure chest.

Finally in Reception and we are continuing with our weekly music lessons with Noura. A large part of this learning is about listening to instructions and working together as a team.

We were recently introduced to a new song all about penguins. This included plenty of actions such as attention! and salute!

The children have also looked at high and low sounds using the chime bars. They closed their eyes and were asked to detect if the high or low chime bar was being played.

Our music learning came to an end with the instruments being shared amongst our friends. The Reception children were asked to listen to instructions about playing quietly or loudly, and faster or slower.

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