Subtraction Maths Learning in Year 1

The Year 1 children are making great progress with their maths learning. Our current topic is looking at subtraction. We usually start our lessons with some warm up questions together.

The pupils are getting familiar with some of the different vocabulary we can use. Examples include less, takeaway and minus. We have used different techniques to help with our subtraction work. Year 1 have found the number line to be of great help.

We have started to look at patterns when subtracting numbers. This then lead to number stories being used as part of this learning. The key challenge here is to work out what question is being asked.

And example might be:

“There were 12 chocolates. Four chocolates are eaten. How many chocolates are left?”

The first task is to understand what problem needs solving.

This work then developed so the children started to learn how to split numbers. We have used our number bond knowledge to help with this.

Individual table work has focused on using number stories, working on the number line, and also answering some questions based around the first, then, and now sequencing of stories.

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