Year 6 Research and Act Our Social Reform Scenes

Yes 6 have produced some thoughtful work based around the idea of social reform. We have looked at some historical characters who were able to help people less fortunate than themselves.

Grace told us:

“Charles Dickens was a great social reformer. His stories looked at how we can bring people together. He was concerned with the day-to-day suffering of poor people.”

The pupils were also asked the question: why do we need social reformers?

Eric mentioned:

“They can bring about change to society. Someone needs to start this so others will follow.”

Another character we have researched is Lord Ashley. We have seen how he was able to campaign to change the way children were treated whilst working during Victorian times.

We listened to the song the Testament of Patience Kershaw. Lord Ashley use this as evidence to help deliver social change. He recited the lyrics in Parliament to highlight the suffering of children who are forced to work.

Yes 6 acted out scenes from Lord Ashley‘s speech. We set up our own Parliament from 1842. Arguments for and against the abolition of children working were made. It was pleasing to see the majority of our class members vote against the idea of children being forced to work.

We have also looked at modern day social reformers. We have seen how Marcus Rashford was able to use his profile to bring a change in government food policy.

Each class member has completed a detailed comprehension exercise based around social reform. We were asked to use our own thoughts to explain how society has benefited from some of the great social reformers throughout history.

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