Reception Children Return after the Eater Break

Mornings in the Michael Faraday Reception are always a highlight with our daily phonics learning. This is a shared exercise. The children are encouraged to listen to the sounds of each new word. We work out the blend. We also count how many sounds we can hear.

Recent words included crab, crept and crack. The children were asked to write these on their own whiteboards. We then shared our work with our friends.

The next stage of this learning was to use all three words into a sentence: a crab crept into a crack. The children were reminded to think of using capital letters, finger spaces and include a full stop.

Elsewhere in Reception and our maths learning has looked at 3-D shapes. We have been counting the edges, the number of faces and how many vertices. We have also experimented to see if the shapes can roll down a slope.

Other learning in Reception includes an exciting new woodwork project. The children are currently thinking about what designs they would like to make. We have had a detailed chat about how we all need to stay safe when we are using the different tools.

This learning is being supported by reading the book Rosie Revere, Engineer. As the title suggests, this tells a story about a girl who likes to design and make things.

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