Spanish Fruit and Vegetables in Year 3

Year 3 are continuing with our weekly Spanish lessons. Previous topics have covered animals, days of the week and months of the year.

We are continuing to expand our vocabulary. A recent focus was on the Spanish words for fruit and vegetables.

We watched a brief slideshow which helped the children with some of the names of the main fruit and vegetables. We are very lucky to have a couple of native Spanish speakers in our class. They are always able to offer support to their friends.

The next stage of learning involved the Spanish sounds for food and vegetables being played, but without the pictures. Our task was to identify and translate the words. This exercise was made even more enjoyable with a Spanish fruit dance session!

Each class member then completed a worksheet. They were asked to identify their favourite fruits and then label them. The final part of this learning was to write a list starting with our favourite to the least favourite fruit, using the correct Spanish words.

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