Traditional Fairytales in Year 1

The Year 1 children are looking at traditional fairytales as part of their English learning for the summer term. We started with the classic story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Each class member has planted some beans outside. We are taking care of these daily by watering them and making sure they have plenty of sunlight.

Our written work for this topic started by writing a narrative. The children were asked to sequence the main points in the story.

We then received a letter from the giant. Each class member has written a reply. We think that the giant is lonely. Our letters wanted to reassure him that he can have some friends.

We have also created a Beanstalk pivot which has been stuck in our English books. This shows how Jack is able to climb the Beanstalk.

The Year 1 children will soon start work looking at alternative fairytales. We will compare some of our existing knowledge with how these new stories differ.

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