Year 5 Explore Self-Esteem as Part of PSHE Learning

Year 5 carried out some very thoughtful work as part of their PSHE learning. We are looking at what makes our personality, as well as our own levels of self-esteem.

We started this work by defining what is meant by personality and self-esteem. We saw how these two concepts are closely connected.

Each class member then drew a simple self-portrait. They listed around their picture their own personal qualities. This was an individual exercise. The idea was to evaluate how we feel about ourselves.

Our sheets were then swapped with a friend. They were asked to write other positive qualities that they think we have. Examples included politeness, being friendly and having a great sense of humour.

We compared our own thoughts about the qualities we have with the ideas our partners came up with. It was great to see a smile on some faces when we got to receive positive feedback from our friends.

The session ended which each class member asked to pay a random compliment to somebody else in the class as they were leaving for the day.

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