Year 6 Improve Interception Skills as Part of PE Learning

Netball is the current focus for the Year 6 pupils as part of their PE learning. We have seen how this is an interception sport. One of the key skills involves trying to take the ball off your opponent.

Various exercises were set out on the school outdoor pitch. We started in groups of three. A pair of pupils passed the ball between themselves. The third person was the interceptor. Their role was to try and take control of the ball.

All groups came together to share their tips and techniques. We found that movement is very important if you want to intercept the ball. Some partners also found a bounce pass helps to keep the ball away from the interceptor.

Communication skills and eye contact were also key. One suggestion was to look for space on the court and be ready to receive the pass.

Class teacher Kate then introduced the idea of pivoting. We have seen how this is another key skill when playing netball. It allows us to rotate without actually moving around the court with the ball.

Small groups formed a circle with one class member in the middle of the circle. They were asked to pivot around and make a chest pass with their friends. Once ten successful passes had been made, we rotated the roles.

We are working towards playing some competitive games of netball within Year 6. Each week we are developing the skills so that a high standard of game can be achieved.

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