Year 6 Student Imaan Shortlisted for Poetry Prize

We are thrilled to announce that Year 6 student Imaan in Leanne’s Class has been shortlisted in a 2021 Children’s Poetry Competition.

The outstanding poem will be published in an anthology book from Live Canon, the competition organisers.

Imaan’s efforts has led to our school winning a box of books for the school library – congratulations!

Sadly the organisers can’t hold a prize giving celebration this year due to Covid. Instead Imaan will receive some goodies in the post to help her celebrate at home.

Her name is listed as a shortlisted poet on the Live Canon website.

We’re very proud of Imaan’s achievement. We are happy to publish the entry below for everyone to enjoy.

The Station of Sympathy

By Imaan

In the station of sympathy, as I trotted by
people stood in little huddles
trying to detect the voice of any cry

In the path of passion, I saw the light
a blazing flickering flame
trying to tell me to do right

In the field of honesty, I trudged
through the muddy crops
I still think someone was holding a grudge

In the maze of truth, we sauntered
around the green hoping that we will get out
before our truths were to be seen.

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