Woodwork Skills in the Michael Faraday Reception

The Reception children have demonstrated some amazing woodwork skills. This work was inspired by our class book Iggy Peck, Architect. We have looked at how bridges and buildings are constructed.

The children then looked at some other examples of woodwork design. We thought about how we could use some of these to create our own constructions.

The first stage of this ambitious project was to sketch out our designs on graph paper. We then transferred these using our woodwork skills to create some amazing models. Transport, furniture and even monsters have featured.

We spoke about how we can all keep safe whilst using the Reception woodwork tools. Adult support and supervision was always available. The children now have a great understanding about what each tool can achieve.

Our next major topic in Reception will be space. We have plans to use our woodwork skills to create some space rockets.

The children will be learning about Neil Armstrong and some of the early space pioneers. We will be looking in detail at the moon as part of our learning.

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