Year 1 Plant and Growth Science Topic

The Year 1 children are observing and looking after some caterpillars. This is part of our life and growth topic.

We took delivery of some very small caterpillars. They already had some food supplies in the container they arrived in.

We have been observing their growth. This has happened at a rapid pace! The children have given all our new caterpillar friends a unique name.

When the caterpillars enter the chrysalis phase of their growth we will transfer them into a safe net cage. The next stage of transition is when they become butterflies. We will need to feed them with some oranges.

The final part of this topic is to release the butterflies into the Michael Faraday garden.

Plants and growth in Year 1 is also being observed with our beanstalks. Each class member planted their own beans.

We have watered these each day and made sure they receive plenty of sunlight. The children have measured the growth and logged these details.

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