Year 2 Children Explore Four Nations for UK Day

The Year 2 children had a great time celebrating UK Day. This was an opportunity to learn more about the four nations that make up the United Kingdom.

We were able to take part in some Irish traditional dancing. We watched a video showing how children in Northern Ireland enjoy this type of activity. The Year 2 children then followed some of the actions.

Some Irish artwork was created by the Year 2 children. They have painted Gaelic patterns as well as shamrocks.

The English element to UK Day involved researching some of the landmarks we can find in England. These included the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the Angel of the North and Buckingham Palace.

The children were also treated to a delightful English afternoon tea. This included sandwiches, scones and some water poured out of a teapot. This then lead to the children creating some very colourful teapot designs.

The Loch Ness Monster was the focus for Scotland. We learnt about the legend of the monster and had a class discussion about whether he exists.

Salt dough was then used to model our own Loch Ness Monsters. It was great to see many different designs.

Finally UK Day in Year 2 came to an end with celebration of Welsh rugby. The class members were able to enjoy some basic rugby tuition outside. We also designed our own Welsh rugby kit based on some of the bright colours found on the National shirt.

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